Privacy Policy

As a rule, the more information we collect about you, the more accurate the matches will be. But most of the data will only be used by the AI, and never be seen by another person.

Your email address will be used for account setup, password resets, and the occasional email from us if we need to reach you. It will never be seen by another user, nor be made available to external mailing lists.

Your phone number is only used for verification, to stop people setting up multiple accounts. It will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be made available to anyone.

The selfies you take as part of the setup process will the used by the AI for matching purposes, and to verify any photos you upload. They will not be seen by any person.

The only information that will be seen by other users is:

  • The name you use to set up your account.

  • The profile pictures you upload.

  • Your gender, age, height, number of children, education level, and anything you include in your description.

  • Your approximate distance (rounded to the nearest few kilometres) to another user.

No other information will be visible to others, nor will it be made available to third parties.

We reserve the right to publish anonymized aggregated results, and to make anonymized results available for academic research.

Employees and contractors of Kwan Research Pty Ltd may occasionally need to access personal data to resolve customer support issues, to fix bugs, and to test improvements to the product. All such access is monitored to ensure compliance with those reasons.