How does Metropolis differ from other dating apps?

Other apps are pay-to-play. The more you use them, the more money they make. So they benefit when you're unsuccessful, and lose money when you succeed.

At Metropolis it's the other way around: we only get paid if you successfully match with someone, so we try very hard to make that happen. Without wasting your time.

Also, Metropolis is built around cutting edge Artificial Intelligence. It's a technology we excel in, and we're constantly improving it.

Where is Metropolis available?

You can install the app and complete the setup process anywhere, but you will only receive suggestions when there is a critical mass of users in your area.

How do I set up an account?

After installing the iOS or Android app you create an account linked to your email address and phone number. We then ask you to take a selfie, enter basic details (age, height, etc), and upload some flattering photos.

Next come a training phase. We show you pairs of fake users, and ask which you prefer. Then we show you more fake users and ask whether you'd you date them. You can answer Yes, No, Hell yeah!, or Hell No! This teaches the AI your preferences.

What happens after my account is set up?

After the AI has learned your preferences it starts suggesting people it thinks you might be attracted to, and who will also be attracted to you.

For each of the suggestions you can respond Yes, No, Hell yeah!, or Hell No! If you both say yes, then you're matched, and can start messaging each other.

Your response to each of the suggestions will be used to further train the AI, so its suggestions will keep improving.

What happens when I'm matched with someone?

When you're matched with someone you can message them within the app. To discourage ghosting, you won't receive new suggestions while you're matched.

At any point you can end the match. We'll ask you a few questions, like whether you're continuing the conversation elsewhere, and whether you physically met. It's also an opportunity to report abusive behaviour and if they lied on their profile.

How much does it cost?

When you match with someone it costs you a credit. You start with some free credits, and you can buy more for a few dollars each.

If you have a balance of 10 credits and live in a region where search is enabled, you can appear as a sponsored profile in the suggestions of anyone in your area. Choose as many people as you like. If they say yes, you're matched, and 10 credits will be deducted from your account (it's free for the other person).

Can I get free credits?

You'll earn a free credit if you refer a friend and they go on to set up an account.

Select Invite a friend from the main menu, then send them a referral link by email or SMS, or they can directly scan the QR code. The link will take them to the App Store or Play Store, where they can download the Metropolis app.

How does Metropolis prevent fraud?

When someone sets up account we take a selfie. To prevent catfishing we match that picture against the photos they upload to verify that it's actually them.

People have been known to lie on their dating profiles, so we also have a feedback form you can fill in after you meet someone in person.

Finally, any account that hasn't been used for 14 days won't appear in your suggestions. So all the people suggested to you will be real, active users.

What if want to stop using Metropolis?

If you don't use the app for more that 14 days then your profile automatically stops appearing in suggestions. But we'd prefer that you explicitly suspend your account, and let us know if you met someone or not. That way the AI can improve its suggestions for everyone else.

Who built Metropolis?

Metropolis is a product of Kwan Research Pty Ltd, founded by Matt Kwan and based in Sydney, Australia.